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PCIT for Organizations:
Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) by agencies and organizations. The list below represents the most commonly asked questions about PCIT by owners, directors, and CEO's. However, the following questions/answers may not address your specific questions.

If you have additional questions, or need any assistance with registering for PCIT training, please do not hesitate to call or email. We are happy to help!

Common PCIT Questions by Organizations

Upcoming PCIT Trainings

Where can I find a list of upcoming PCIT trainings for my staff?

Click here to see a complete list of upcoming PCIT trainings. Private PCIT trainings are also available for organizations who register 6 or more professionals. Private trainings will also receive a 20% Group PCIT Training Discount.

Can I schedule a private PCIT training for my organization?

Absolutely! Private PCIT trainings are available for organizations who register 6 or more professionals. Your organization will also receive a 20% Group PCIT Training Discount.


Benefits of Private PCIT Trainings include:

  • Greater flexibility to select optimal training dates for you and your team

  • Trainings can be tailored or customized to better meet the needs and requirements of your organization

  • Savings - your team will receive a 20% PCIT training discount

  • Cost effectiveness - the live, PCIT virtual trainings allow organizations to receive the exact same training while avoiding travel costs

  • Convenience - the live, PCIT virtual trainings can be completed from your own office (or even in your homes)​

Private PCIT Training

What does it cost to train my staff in PCIT?

The cost of PCIT Training varies by the training format, and training discounts are available (see below). We currently offer 3 Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Training options:


The content across all three training formats remains the same. That is, trainees in each format learn how to use and implement the current, empirically-supported 2011 PCIT Protocol that was developed by Dr. Sheila Eyberg. Agencies and organizations select the PCIT training modality that best fits their needs (e.g., availability, budget).

PCIT Training Cost

What is included in the cost of PCIT Training?

The PCIT Training Package includes:

  • 5-days of PCIT training (nearly 40 hours of foundational instruction in PCIT​)

  • 12 months of consultation calls (calls occur twice per month)

  • Video review of PCIT client sessions for certification

  • All PCIT training materials, including the ​​empirically-supported PCIT Protocol and PCIT Training Curriculum

  • Access to our PCIT Dropbox which contains a wide variety of resources and handouts

  • Access to the DPICS Video Library which contains over 50 parent-child videos for additional coding practice

  • 20% Discount with Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) when you order the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI)

  • When applicable, review of your PCIT Certification Application (no additional fees for application review)

PCIT Training Package

Do you offer PCIT Training Discounts?

Yes! Organizations who register 4 or more professionals save 20% on PCIT Training.​ More details on the group discounts for PCIT Training can be found here.

PCIT Training Discounts
PCIT Global Trainers

Where can I find a list of Certified PCIT Global Trainers

Click here to see a complete list of Certified PCIT Global Trainers.

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