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Join Us in San Antonio

July 17-19, 2024


Parent Child Interaction Therapy Training


PCIT training group with woman raising her hand
  • ​These Live, In-Person PCIT Trainings are the first step to Certification in PCIT, and participants will receive nearly 40 hours of foundational instruction in PCIT. 

  • The in-person training content and materials are the same presentations and foundational material presented in the Virtual or Online (Self-Paced) PCIT trainings.

  • The Live, In-Person PCIT Trainings are 5-day courses that are separated into two workshops.  Please note, the first workshop is in-person, and the follow-up workshop is a live, virtual workshop.  Participants must attend both workshops.

  • The second, 2-Day, Live Virtual Workshop occurs approximately 8 weeks later and is designed for the second phase of PCIT - the Parent-Directed Interaction (PDI) Phase.  The 2-Day, PDI Workshop is a virtual training that occurs in real-time via Zoom

  • Please note, participants will be ready to start PCIT cases immediately following the initial, 3-day in-person CDI Workshop.​​


  • Participants will learn (and practice utilizing) the empirically-supported PCIT protocol that was developed by Dr. Sheila Eyberg.  The trainings will help guide participants ​through every PCIT treatment session in the PCIT protocol (from intake to graduation).

  • Participants will learn how to code parent-child interactions using the Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System (DPICS).  Trainees will practice using the DPICS coding system in a variety of formats (e.g., live coding, review quizzes, pre-recorded parent-child videos). 

  • Participants will learn both basic and more advanced PCIT coaching skills for both the CDI and PDI phases of PCIT.  Trainees will practice the skills during role plays and mock PCIT treatment sessions.

  • PCIT training also includes presentations and discussions on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

    • Identifying PCIT clients and establishing community partnerships

    • Starting a PCIT case

    • Technology options for PCIT

    • Delivery of PCIT services across a wide variety of formats (observation room, in-room, in-home, telehealth - referred to as "iPCIT")  

  • Overall, participants should expect to participate in a training that is engaging, informative, and fun!

PCIT trainer presenting in front of a group


PCIT Virtual Training with 17 PCIT therapists
  • After completing the initial, 3-Day In-Person CDI workshop, participants will begin 12 months of PCIT consultation calls with Certified PCIT Global Trainers.

  • These one-hour consultation calls occur twice per month, at the same day and time, for 12 months (via Zoom).

  • Participants will receive a customized PCIT consultation training experience that matches their current status with PCIT clients.  That is, we have developed three different consultation calls that will guide trainees from intake to graduation: (1) Identifying & Starting PCIT Cases; (2) CDI Phase ; and (3) PDI Phase.  All three calls are offered at the same day and time each month so trainees can progress through the PCIT model over the 12 month consultation period without rearranging their schedules.

  • Participants will discuss (and occasionally practice) a wide variety of PCIT topics during consultation calls, including but not limited to, the following:

    • PCIT protocol questions and session review

    • DPICS coding questions

    • Additional DPICS coding practice

    • Case specific consultation

    • CDI and PDI coaching challenges

    • Client challenges (e.g., homework completion)

    • ​Logistical and/or technology concerns​

    • PCIT certification procedures​​​


  • Best of both worlds - trainees initially receive live face-to-face instruction for the first 3-Day CDI Workshop, and then participate in live, virtual training (via Zoom) 8 weeks later for the 2-Day PDI Workshop.

  • Both the in-person CDI Workshop and live, Zoom-based PDI Workshop trainings are conducted by two Certified PCIT Global Trainers.

  • All 5 days of training provide an interactive learning environment with PCIT experts and other trainees.

  • Both workshops allow trainees to practice newly acquired PCIT skills through role plays, mock sessions, breakout sessions, and other related activities.

  • The In-Person PCIT Training give trainees continuous opportunities to ask questions and receive immediate feedback while learning PCIT skills.

Group of graduate students smiling as they participate in PCIT training


Group of PCIT trainees clapping hands and smiling
  • The In-Person PCIT Training package is $3,000 per person.

  • The training package includes:

    • 5-days of PCIT training - nearly 40 hours of foundational instruction in PCIT​

    • 12 months of consultation calls with PCIT Global Trainers

    • Review of PCIT client sessions for certification

    • All PCIT training materials, including the ​​empirically-supported PCIT Protocol and PCIT Training Curriculum

    • Access to our PCIT Dropbox which contains a wide variety of resources and handouts

    • Access to the DPICS video library which contains over 50 parent-child videos for additional coding practice

    • 20% Discount with Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) when you order the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI)

    • Access to a Monthly Call with PCIT Global Trainers who present on important PCIT topics

      • Trainees are encouraged to continue to participate in this free monthly call even after they become Certified

    • When applicable, review of your PCIT Certification Application (no additional fees for application review)

Group Discount
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Best Summer Ever!!! 

What are you waiting for?  Get started on your path to Certification in Parent Child Interaction Therapy!!!

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