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Little girl in a bright shirt laying in a pile of PCIT Toys (Legos) with her hands on her cheeks


Suggested Toys for PCIT Sessions

Below you will find toys commonly used by therapists in PCIT Sessions.  If you have additional toy suggestions, please contact us.

Important notes:

  • This is not an exhaustive list, these are toys often used by PCIT Therapists.

  • You do not need to purchase all these toys to conduct PCIT.  Therapists often have a minimum of 10 toy options available at their clinic, with a variety of options available for younger and older children.

  • Many therapists have 25+ toy options, and a designated toy closet or cabinet (or toy room).

  • Several purchasing options exist for most toys. We have only listed one example below.  For example, LEGOs are available in a wide variety of pieces (e.g., 200 pieces, 400 pieces) and themes (e.g., Star Wars).

  • Also, similar toys are available by different companies. For example, we have listed PicassoTiles below, but similar toys (e.g., Magna-Tiles) exist.

Common PCIT Toy Choices for Younger Children

The following toys are often used for children 2-5 years of age

Mega Bloks.jpg

Mega Bloks

80 classic-colored building blocks. Hands-on play for early childhood development

Foam Building Blocks.jpg

Foam Building Blocks

Toy blocks help improve fine motor skills and teach colors, shapes, and sharing

Potato Heads.jpg

Potato Heads

Bring on the laughs as kids create all kinds of characters, faces, and expressions


Lego Duplo

Motivate young minds as they create and play with this versatile mix of blocks

Wooden Building Blocks Set.jpg

Wooden Building Blocks

This toddler toy is designed to develop imagination and improve motor skills

Farm Animal Set_edited.jpg

Farm Set

Classic playset with music and sounds to help children learn about farm animals 

Wooden Train.jpg

Wooden Train

Deluxe train set that children can use to inspire their imagination and creativity

Cutting Play Food.jpg

Cutting Play Food

Children can play and learn the names of food groups, ingredients, and cutlery 

Water Doodle Mat.jpg

Water Doodle Mat

No mess mat to help with fine motor skills, as well as number and letter identification

Common PCIT Toy Choices for Older Children

The following toys are often used for children 5-7 years of age

Picasso Tiles.jpg

Picasso Tiles

3D color magnetic building blocks that promote creative architectural designs



Interactive toy that can unleash kids' imaginations and analytical skills

Writing Tablet.jpg

Writing Tablet

The LCD tablet provides 10 inches of space for writing and drawing 

Lego Classic.jpg

Classic Legos

Older children can spend hours with these timeless building toys for creative play

Pop Art Jewelry.jpg

Snap Bead Jewelry

Colorful toys that encourage creativity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination 

Matchbox Playsets.jpg

Matchbox Playsets

Classic car sets that develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

STEM Toy.jpg

STEM Toys & Activities

Educational STEM toys designed to boost problem solving skills for children 

Flower Garden.jpg

Flower Garden

STEM playset to stimulate visual sense, color recognition and aesthetic perception 

Colored Pencil Set.jpg

Colored Pencil Set

Allow children to express their creativity while improving fine motor skills and coordination

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