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Externalizing Disorders

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Articles


Parent–Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for young children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Japan (abstract)

Hosogane, N., Kodaira, M., Kihara, N., Saito, K., & Kamo, T. (2018).

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with emotion coaching for preschoolers with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (abstract)

Chronis-Tuscano, A., Lewis-Morrarty, E., Woods, K. E., O'Brien, K. A., Mazursky-Horowitz, H., & Thomas, S. R. (2016)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for ADHD: A conceptual overview and critical literature review (abstract)

Wagner, S. M., & McNeil, C. B. (2008)

Evidence-based psychosocial treatments for children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (abstract)

Chronis, A. M., Jones, H. A., & Raggi, V. L. (2006)

Parent training through play: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with a hyperactive child (abstract)

Johnson, B. D., Franklin, L.C., Hall, K., & Prieto, L. R. (2000)

Behavior modification in the treatment of ADHD (abstract)

Eyberg, S. M., Schuhmann, E. M., & Foote, R. C. (1998) 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Articles

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Group PCIT for Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Externalizing Behavior Problems (abstract)

Ros, R., & Graziano, P. A. (2019).

Child-directed interaction training for young children with autism spectrum disorders: Parent and child outcomes (abstract)

Ginn, N. C., Clionsky, L. N., Eyberg, S. M., Warner-Metzger, C., & Abner, J. P. (2017)

Open-trial pilot of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder (abstract)

Zlomke, K. R., Jeter, K., & Murphy, J. (2017)

Examining the efficacy of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with children on the autism spectrum (abstract)

Masse, J. J., McNeil, C. B., Wagner, S., & Quetsch, L. B. (2016)

Using a modified Parent-Child Interaction Therapy to increase vocalizations in children with autism (abstract)

Hansen, B., & Shillingburg, M. A. (2016)

Parent–Child Interaction Therapy and autism spectrum disorder: Adaptations with a child with severe developmental delays (abstract)

Lesack, R., Bearss, K., Celano, M., & Sharp, W. G. (2014)

The effectiveness of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for families of children on the autism spectrum (abstract)

Solomon, M., Ono, M., Timmer, S., & Goodlin-Jones, B. (2008) 

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and high functioning autism: A conceptual overview (abstract)

Masse, J. J., McNeil, C. B., Wagner, S. M., & Chorney, D. B. (2008)

Conduct Disorder Articles

Conduct Disorder

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Adapted for Preschoolers with Callous-Unemotional Traits: An Open Trial Pilot Study (abstract)

Kimonis, E. R., Fleming, G., Briggs, N., Brouwer-French, L., Frick, P. J., Hawes, D. J., Bagner, D. M., Thomas, R., & Dadds, M. (2019).

Parent training outcomes among young children with callous-unemotional conduct problems with or at risk for developmental delay (abstract)

Kimonis, E. R., Bagner, D. M., Linares, D., Blake, C. A., & Rodríguez, G. M. (2014)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: An effective treatment for young children with conduct problems (abstract)

Capage, L. C., Foote, R., McNeil, C. B., & Eyberg, S. M. (1998) 

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Articles


Oppositional defiant disorder and parent training (abstract)

Eyberg, S. M., O'Brien, K. A., & Chase, R. M. (2006)

Parenting disruptive preschoolers: Experiences of mothers and fathers (abstract)

Calzada, E. J., Eyberg, S. M., Rich, B., & Querido, J. G. (2004)

Additional Articles

Additional Articles

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and young children with Problematic Sexual Behavior: A conceptual overview and treatment considerations (abstract)

Shawler, P. M., Elizabeth Bard, M., Taylor, E. K., Wilsie, C., Funderburk, B., & Silovsky, J. F. (2018).

Treating multi-problem, high stress families: Suggested strategies for practitioners (abstract)

McNeil, C. B., & Herschell, A. D. (1998)

Management of disruptive behavior in young children (abstract)

Eyberg, S. M., & Neary, E. M. (2002)

Internalizing Disorders



Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation Anxiety Disorder Articles

The implementation of modified Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for youth with separation anxiety disorder (abstract)

Pincus, D. B., Santucci, L. C., Ehrenreich, J. T., & Eyberg, S. M. (2008) 

Adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for young children with separation anxiety disorder (abstract)

Pincus, D. B., Eyberg, S. M., & Choate, M. L. (2005)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for treatment of separation anxiety disorder in young children: A pilot study (abstract)

Choate, M. L., Pincus, D. B., Eyberg, S. M., & Barlow, D. H. (2005)

Mood Disorder Articles

Mood Disorders

Neural Indicators of Anhedonia: Predictors and Mechanisms of Treatment Change in a Randomized Clinical Trial in Early Childhood Depression (abstract)

Barch, D. M., Whalen, D., Gilbert, K., Kelly, D., Kappenman, E. S., Hajcak, G., & Luby, J. L. (2019).

A novel early intervention for preschool depression: Findings from a pilot randomized controlled trial (abstract)

Luby, J., Lenze, S., & Tillman, R. (2012)

Early childhood depression (abstract)

Luby, J. L. (2009)

Treatment of preschool bipolar disorder: A novel Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and review of data on psychopharmacology (abstract)

Luby, J. L., Stalets, M. M., Blankenship, S., Pautsch, J., & McGrath, M. (2008)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Articles

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalization of an Early Intervention for Inhibited Preschoolers to the Classroom Setting (abstract)

Barstead, M. G., Danko, C. M., Chronis-Tuscano, A., O, B. K. A., Coplan, R. J., & Rubin, K. H. (2018).

Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Cognitive-Behavioral and Mother-Child Interactive Therapies on Anxiety of Children with Under-Methadone Treatment Mother (abstract)

Pirnia B, Rasoulzadeh Tabatabaei SK, Pirkhaefi A, & Soleimani A. (2017).

Extending Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for early childhood internalizing problems: New advances for an overlooked population (abstract)

Carpenter, A. L., Puliafico, A. C., Kurtz, S. M. S., Pincus, D. B., & Comer, J. S. (2014) 

Adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy to treat anxiety disorders in young children (abstract)

Puliafico, A. C., Comer, J. S., & Pincus, D. B. (2012)

Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability & Developmental Delay Articles

Barriers to success in parent training for young children with developmental delay: The role of cumulative risk (abstract)

Bagner, D. M.,& Graziano, P. A. (2013)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for disruptive behavior in children with mental retardation: A randomized controlled trial (abstract)

Bagner, D. M., & Eyberg, S. M. (2007) 

Parent Child Interaction Therapy for children with disruptive behavior and developmental disabilities (abstract)

McDiarmid, M. D., & Bagner, D. M. (2005)



Examining a novel, parent child interaction therapy-informed, behavioral treatment of selective mutism (abstract)

Catchpole, R., Young, A., Baer, S., & Salih, T. (2019).

Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: The Bigger Picture (abstract)

Millard, S. K., Zebrowski, P., & Kelman, E. (2018).

Identification of Efficacy of Direct, Indirect and Combined Methods on Severity of Stuttering in Preschool Children (abstract)

(2018). تعیین اثر بخشی روش های درمانی مستقیم، غیر مستقیم و ترکیبی بر شدت لکنت کودکان پیش دبستانی

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Articles

Parent–Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for young children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Japan

Parent–Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for young children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Japan

Hosogane, N., Kodaira, M., Kihara, N., Saito, K., & Kamo, T. (2018). Par