Upcoming Teacher Child Interaction Training Courses

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TCIT Training (Live)
Advanced Training
July 27-29, 2022

TCIT Advanced Course

July 27-29, 2022 + 1 year of consult

Training is for professionals who are

already trained in PCIT

Live, 3-Day Virtual TCIT Training designed for PCIT Certified Therapists (or therapists who are currently participating in PCIT training). Participants who are not trained in PCIT should register for the TCIT Essential Training Course.

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TCIT Training (Live)
Essential Training
Sept & Nov 2022

CDI Workshop (3 Days)

September 28-30, 2022

TDI Workshop (2 Days)

November 10-11, 2022

Live, 5-Day TCIT Training (via Zoom) designed for professionals who want to conduct TCIT services in daycares, preschools, and/or kindergartens. The course includes 5 days of training along with 12 months of consultation calls.