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Adaptation Articles

Infant Studies

Infant Studies

Infant Language Production and Parenting Skills: A Randomized Controlled Trial (abstract)

Garcia, D., Rodriquez, G. M., Hill, R. M., Lorenzo, N. E., & Bagner, D. M. (2019).

Behavioral Parent Training in Infancy: What About the Parent–Infant Relationship? (abstract)

Blizzard, A. M., Barroso, N. E., Ramos, F. G., Graziano, P. A., & Bagner, D. M. (2018).

Response-based sleep intervention: Helping infants sleep without making them cry (abstract)

Middlemiss, W., Stevens, H., Ridgway, L., McDonald, S., & Koussa, M. (2017).

Behavioral parent training in infancy: What about the parent-infant relationship? (abstract)

Blizzard, A. M., Barroso, N. E., Ramos, F. G., Graziano, P. A., & Bagner, D. M. (2017)

Behavioral parent training in infancy: A window of opportunity for high-risk families (abstract)

Bagner, D. M., Coxe, S., Hungerford, G. M., Garcia, D., Barroso, N. E., Hernandez, J., & Rosa-Olivares, J. (2016)

Direct and indirect effects of behavioral parent training on infant language production (abstract)

Bagner, D. M., Garcia, D., & Hill, R. (2016)

Home-based preventive parenting intervention for at-risk infants and their families: An open trial (abstract)

Bagner, D. M., Rodríguez, G. M., Blake, C. A., & Rosa-Olivares, J. (2013) 

Toddler Studies

Toddler Studies

Impact of a Brief Group Intervention to Enhance Parenting and the Home Learning Environment for Children Aged 6-36 Months: a Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (abstract)

Hackworth, N., Berthelsen, D., Matthews, J., Westrupp, E., Cann, W., Ukoumunne, O., Bennetts, S., Phan, T., Scicluna, A., Trajanovska, M., Yu, M., Nicholson, J., Hackworth, N. J., Westrupp, E. M., Ukoumunne, O. C., Bennetts, S. K., & Nicholson, J. M. (2017).

Parenting styles, feeding styles and food-related parenting practices in relation to toddlers’ eating styles: A cluster-analytic approach (abstract)

Van der Horst, K., & Sleddens, E. F. C. (2017).

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for toddlers: A pilot study (abstract)

Kohlhoff, J., & Morgan, S. (2014)

Parent-Child Attunement Therapy for toddlers: A behaviorally oriented, play-based parent training model (abstract)

Dombrowski, S. C., Timmer, S. G., & Zebell, N. (2008)

A positive behavioural intervention for toddlers: Parent-Child Attunement Therapy (abstract)

Dombrowski, S. C., Timmer, S. G., Blacker, D. M., & Urquiza, A. J. (2005)

Physical and Medical Conditions

Physical and Medical Conditions

Development of the Impact of a Preschool Obesity Prevention Intervention Enhanced With Positive Behavioral Supports for Mississippi Head Start Centers. (abstract)

Huye, H. F., Connell, C. L., Dufrene, B. A., Mohn, R. S., Newkirk, C., Tannehill, J., & Sutton, V. (2020). 

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as a Behavior and Spoken Language Intervention for Young Children With Hearing Loss. (abstract)

Costa, E. A., Day, L., Caverly, C., Mellon, N., Ouellette, M., & Ottley, S. W. (2019). 

NP31 Development of the Family Meal Project: A Family Nutrition Ecosystem Intervention to Prevent Childhood Overweight/Obesity (abstract)

Frazier, S., Campa, A., & Coccia, C. (2019).

Efficacy of parent-child interaction therapy on anxiety symptoms in cochlear implanted deaf children. (abstract)

Javadi, N., Keshavarzi, A. F., & Hasanzadeh, S. (2018).

Adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for deaf families that communicate via American Sign Language: A formal adaptation approach (abstract)

Day, L. A., Costa, E. A., Previ, D., & Caverly, C. (2017)

Assessing the effectiveness of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with language delayed children: A clinical investigation (abstract)

Falkus, G., Tilley, C., Thomas, C., Hockey, H., Kennedy, A., Arnold, T., Thorburn, B., Jones, K., Patel, B., Piments, C., Shah, R., Tweedie, F., O'Brien, F., Leahy, R., & Pring, T. (2016) 

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and moderate pediatric traumatic brain injury: A case study (abstract)

Garcia, D., Barroso, N. E., Kuluz, J., & Bagner, D. M. (2016)

The practical side of working with Parent–Child Interaction Therapy with preschool children with language impairments (abstract)

Klatte, L.S., & Roulstone, S. (2016)

Combining Parent–Child Interaction Therapy and visual supports for the treatment of challenging behavior in a child with autism and intellectual disabilities and comorbid epilepsy (abstract)

Armstrong, K., DeLoatche, K. J., Preece, K. K. & Agazzi, H. (2015)

Language production in children with and at risk for delay: Mediating role of parenting skills (abstract)

Garcia, D., Bagner, D. M., Pruden, S. M., & Nichols-Lopez, K. (2015)

Parent–Child Interaction Therapy with deaf parents and their hearing child: A case study (abstract)

Armstrong, K., David, A., & Goldberg, K. (2014)

Parent training for children born premature: A pilot study examining the moderating role of emotion regulation (abstract)

Rodríguez, G. M., Bagner, D. M., & Graziano, P. A. (2014)

Evidence-based intervention for young children born premature: Preliminary evidence for associated changes in physiological regulation (abstract)

Graziano, P. A., Bagner, D. M., Sheinkopf, S. J., Vohr, B. R., & Lester, B. M. (2013)

Parent–Child Interaction Therapy with a deaf and hard of hearing family (abstract)

Shinn, M. M. (2013)

An initial investigation of baseline respiratory sinus arrhythmia as a moderator of treatment outcome for young children born premature with externalizing behavior problems (abstract)

Bagner, D. M., Graziano, P. A., Jaccard, J., Sheinkopf, S. J., Vohr, B. R., & Lester, B. M. (2012)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as a family-oriented approach to behavioral management following psychiatric traumatic brain injury: A case report. (abstract)

Cohen, M. L., Heaton, S. C., Ginn, N., & Eyberg, S. M. (2012)

Klinefelter's syndrome in a 5-year-old boy with behavioral disturbances and seizures (abstract)

Jensen, E., Palacios, E., & Drury, S. (2011)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) in school-aged children with specific language impairment (abstract)

Allen, J., & Marshall, C. R. (2011)

Parenting intervention for externalizing behavior problems in children born premature: An initial examination (abstract)

Bagner, D. M., Sheinkopf, S. J., Vohr, B. R., & Lester, B. M. (2010)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for children born premature: A case study and illustration of vagal tones as a physiological measure of treatment outcome (abstract)

Bagner, D. M., Sheinkopf, S. J., Miller-Loncar, C. L., Vohr, B. R., Hinckley, M., Eyberg, S. M., & Lester, B. M. (2009)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and chronic illness: A case study (abstract)   

Bagner, D. M., Fernandez, M. A., & Eyberg, S. M. (2004)

Parent-Child Interaction Training for parents with a history of mental retardation (abstract)

Peterson, S. L., Robinson, E. A., & Littman, I. (1983)


Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) &
School-Related Research Articles

Universal TCIT Improves Teacher–Child Interactions and Management of Child Behavior. (abstract)

Fawley, K. D., Stokes, T. F., Rainear, C. A., Rossi, J. L., & Budd, K. S. (2020).

Collaborating with public school partners to implement Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) as universal prevention (abstract)

Budd, K. S., Barbacz, L. L., & Carter, J. S. (2015)

From the clinics to the classrooms: A review of Teacher-Child Interaction Training in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention settings (abstract)

Fernandez, M. A., Gold, D. C., Hirsch, E., & Miller, S. P. (2015)

Teacher-Child Interaction Training: A pilot study with random assignment (abstract)

Fernandez, M. A. (2015)

Promoting positive interactions in the classroom: Adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as a universal prevention program (abstract)

Gershenson, R. A., Lyon, A. R., & Budd, K. S. (2010)

Effectiveness of Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) in a preschool setting (abstract)

Lyon, A. R., Gershenson, R. A., Farahmand, F. K., Thaxter, P. J., Behling, S., & Budd, K. S. (2009)

Managing classroom behavior of Head Start children using response cost and token economy procedures (abstract)

Tiano, J. D., Fortson, B. L., McNeil, C. B., & Humphreys, L. A. (2005)

Training Head Start teachers in behavior management using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: A preliminary investigation (abstract)

Tiano, J.D., & McNeil, C.B. (2005)

Psychometric properties of the Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventory with rural middle school and high school children (abstract)

Floyd, E. M., Rayfield, A., Eyberg, S. M., & Riley, J. L. (2004)

The use of token economies in preschool classrooms: Practical and philosophical concerns (abstract)

Filcheck, H. A., & McNeil, C. B. (2004)

Using a whole-class token economy and coaching of teacher skills in a preschool classroom to manage disruptive behavior (abstract)

Filcheck, H. A., McNeil, C. B., Greco, L. A., & Bernard, R. S. (2004)

Psychometric properties of the Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventory-Revised with preschool children (abstract)

Querido, J. G., & Eyberg, S. M. (2003)

Psychometric properties and reference point data for the Revised Edition of the School Observation Coding System (abstract)

Jacobs, J. R., Boggs, S. R., Eyberg, S. M., Edwards, D., Durning, P., Querido, J. G., McNeil, C. B., & Funderburk, B. W. (2000)

Parent-child interaction therapy with behavior problem children: Maintenance of treatment effects in the school setting (abstract)

Funderburk, B. W., Eyberg, S. M., Newcomb, K., McNeil, C., Hembree-Kigin, T., & Capage, L. (1998)

Revision of the Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventory: Teacher ratings of conduct problem behavior (abstract)

Rayfield, A., Eyberg, S. M., & Foote, R. (1998)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with behavior problem children: Generalization of treatment effects to the school setting (abstract)

Funderburk, B., Newcomb, K., McNeil, C. B., Eyberg, S., & Eisenstadt, T. H. (1991)

Further psychometric evaluation of the Eyberg Behavior Rating scales for parents and teachers of preschoolers (abstract)

Funderburk, B. W., & Eyberg, S. M. (1989)

Psychometric characteristics of the Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventor: A school behavior rating scale for use with preschool children (abstract)

Funderburk, B. W., & Eyberg, S. M. (1989)

Military Families

Military Families

Kids at the VA? A call for evidence-based parenting interventions for returning veterans (abstract)

Pemberton, J. R., Kramer, T. L., Borrego, J., & Owen, R. R. (2013)