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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy


A Step by Step Overview

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5 Steps to PCIT Certification

Below you will find the 5 Steps to Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Certification.  Certification by PCIT Incorporated indicates that a therapist has met the necessary standards of the organization for PCIT implementation. 


Please note, all of the steps towards PCIT Certification listed below (training, consultation, video review, case review, application review) are included in the cost of PCIT Training.

Step 1

Select a Training Format

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Certification in PCIT begins with 40 hours of foundational training.  We have 4 different PCIT Training options (described below).  The content of each of the trainings below is the same, the delivery method is the only difference.  Simply choose the delivery method that is best for you (or your agency).

  • Option #1: Live, PCIT Virtual Training - The live, PCIT Virtual trainings are 5-day courses that are separated into two workshops. Participants must attend both workshops, which occur in real-time via Zoom. 

  • Option #2: The PCIT Online (Self-Paced) Course - The PCIT Online Training Experience combines pre-recorded online instructional presentations with regular, live one-hour face-to-face instruction with a Certified PCIT Global Trainer.

  • Option #4: Private Group Training - If you plan to have 6 or more clinicians trained in PCIT, we can coordinate a private training (Virtual or In-Person) for your group.

Step 2

PCIT Consultation Calls (via Zoom)

Regardless of the method of PCIT training (Virtual, Online, In-Person Training), you will receive 12 months of live consultation (via Zoom) with Certified PCIT Global Trainers.  PCIT Consultation Calls are included in the cost of your training.


​Participants will discuss (and occasionally practice) a wide variety of PCIT topics during consultation calls, including but not limited to, the following:

  • PCIT protocol questions and session review

  • Coding questions and practice

  • CDI and PDI coaching challenges

  • Case specific consultation

  • Client challenges

  • ​Logistical and/or technology concerns​

  • PCIT certification procedures​

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Step 3

Video Review

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The third step in the PCIT Certification process is to have actual therapy sessions reviewed by a Certified PCIT Global Trainer.  The reviews may be conducted in real-time (e.g., live sessions, telehealth) or through video or audio recording.  The video review is included in the cost your PCIT Training Package.

The video review is designed to:

  • Assess treatment fidelity

  • Review and discuss coaching goals/procedures

  • Problem-solve challenges

  • Provide individualized training and guidance

Your PCIT Trainer will also describe more details, including specific procedures for securely submitting your videos.

Step 4

Complete Two PCIT Cases

The fourth step in the PCIT Certification process is to complete two PCIT cases.


The PCIT training package (40 hours of training, consultation calls, video review) is designed to help you through each treatment session in the empirically-supported PCIT Protocol, including:

  • Identification of PCIT Cases & the Intake Session

  • Observation Session ("DPICS Session")

  • Child-Directed Interaction Teach & Coaching Sessions

  • Parent-Directed Interaction Teach & Coaching Sessions

  • Sibling Session (if needed)

  • Graduation Session

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Step 5

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Submit your Certification Application

The final step in the PCIT Certification process is to submit your application to become a Certified PCIT Certified Therapist.  Review of your certification application materials is included in your training cost (no additional application fee).

Once approved, you will be officially certified by Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Inc.  Certification by PCIT Incorporated indicates that a therapist has met the standards of the organization for PCIT implementation.​

Certified PCIT therapists will receive an official letter, certificate, and plaque.  Your name will also be added to our Find a Therapist database.  At that point, you can begin to use Certified PCIT Therapist on any personal or business advertising.


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Look at That!!!

  • Your training package includes:

    • 40 hours of PCIT Training​

    • 12 months of consultation

    • Video Review

    • Review of your PCIT Certification Application

    • All PCIT training materials

    • PCIT Dropbox Access 

    • DPICS Video Library Access

    • 20% Discount with PAR for the ECBI 





  • Mandy Sullivan, LMHP, CMSW

  • Emily Kooser, LPCC

  • Julie Martzall, LCSW 

  • Lindsey Townsend, LCSW

  • Tasha Jackson, LCSW

  • Glenda Self, LCMHC


Thanks so much for your dedication and commitment to bringing PCIT services to families in your community!!! (LP)

Picture of plaque for Julie Martzall, LCSW
Picture of Emily Kooser's PCIT Certification Plaque
Picture of Mandy Sullivan with her PCIT Certification Plaque
Picture of Certification Plaque for Glenda Self
Picture of Lindsey & Tasha - Certified PCIT Therapists
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