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To Do Lists

If you've had any interactions with me, you know I'm a big believer in To-Do-Lists. I have them all over my house, on my fridge, on my phone, in my office, etc. To-Do Lists are just a way I can keep myself organized and not forget tasks which need to be completed. I find joy in writing the lists and marking things off the list... I'm weird, I know.

My PCIT To-Do-List looks something like this everyday. What's great about this list below- it's short, it's manageable, and I can scratch off most of the items in one swoop by completing special time with my kids.

"Special time," for those of you who are new around here, is one-on-one time you spend with your child each day, practicing the PCIT skills of Praise, Reflect, Imitate, Describe, and Enjoy. By completing special time with my kids, I show them I'm present, I'm listening, I'm watching, I love who they are and what they are doing and I approve of their choices.... among many other things! By spending quality time with them, I'm deepening our relationship and bond and checking off thing on that list above.

I can't speak enough about the benefits of special time with your kids. I haven't posted specifically about special time in a hot minute, so maybe look for something this weekend on special time.

I hope you spend those 5 minutes with your child and maybe have time to accomplish a few more things on your to-do-list this week.

-Katie Smith, LCSW, Certified PCIT Global Trainer, creator of lists

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