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Parenting Affirmations

I think sometimes we are too tough on ourselves as parents. I think a lot of the time I'm too tough on myself as a parent. I think of all the things I could've done better: less rushing the kids out the door and more hugs, less couch time and more floor time, less busyness and more presence... and I could go on and on.

Maybe we all should add more positives to the mix. "You are smart, to pick your battles." "You are strong, carrying a kid on each hip up the stairs to daycare so their shoes don't get wet in the puddles." (I hear you laughing at me, but you know you have been there too!) How would you use the rest of these statements to encourage yourself today? How about we set a goal to all be more encouraging of parents (ourselves included) and less critical of parents (ourselves included)? - Katie Smith, LCSW

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