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PCIT Global Trainer - Amber Farrington, Ph.D.

Amber Farrington, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Certified PCIT Global Trainer

Born & Raised

Grand Rapids, MI

Undergraduate Education

University of Michigan

Graduate Training

Florida State University

Email Address

Picture of Amber Farrington - Certified PCIT Global Trainer

Dr. Farrington is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida who has over ten years of experience providing therapy and conducting diagnostic assessments, primarily with school-aged children and their families. She completed her undergraduate coursework at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she earned her Bachelor’s of the Arts degree in the fields of psychology and Spanish.


Dr. Farrington went on to attend graduate school at Villanova University where she earned her Master’s degree in psychology. She continued her graduate education at Florida State University in the field of clinical psychology where she was awarded a four-year Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Program fellowship through the Florida Center for Reading Research. Her program of research emphasized the development of self-regulatory abilities and early academic skills among preschool-aged children, and particularly among children learning both Spanish and English. Her clinical focus during graduate school emphasized the use of empirically-based approaches to conduct evaluations and provide therapy for children. Dr. Farrington completed her APA-accredited internship at the Florida State University Multidisciplinary Center before earning her doctoral degree in the field of clinical psychology.


After earning her doctoral degree, she remained at the Florida State University Multidisciplinary Center where she completed a one-year post-doctoral residency. Since obtaining licensure, Dr. Farrington has remained at the Florida State University Multidisciplinary Center as a psychologist on staff where she is the Director of School Mental Health services and she Co-Directs the Attention Disorders Clinic. She has gained experience and expertise in conducting diagnostic assessments for children with difficulties related to attention, hyperactivity, mood, anxiety, and learning. In addition, she conducts psychoeducational evaluations for school-aged children experiencing difficulties related to learning. She also conducts bilingual assessments for children who speak both Spanish and English. Dr. Farrington has also gained experience in providing individual and group therapy services for children and their families in schools and in an outpatient setting. She also provides supervision for trainees in various practicum placements at the Center, as well as for doctoral students participating in the APA-Accredited internship program and post-doctoral psychology residents at the Center.


In addition to being a certified provider of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Dr. Farrington is also a certified provider for the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (i.e. PEERS). She has completed trainings in a number of trauma-informed approaches, including the Bounce Back program and the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools program. Over the course of her career, she has also had training and experience in various therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, prolonged exposure, behavioral activation, motivational interviewing, interpersonal psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and cognitive processing therapy. Professional memberships and affiliations include American Psychological Association, the Society for Child Clinical and Adolescent Psychology, and Florida Psychological Association.


Outside of work, Dr. Farrington enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children. They enjoy going outside and visiting playgrounds, crafting and doing science experiments, and playing with toys. As a family, they like to travel to beaches and amusement parks, and they visit with extended family as often as possible. Dr. Farrington enjoys being active in her free time, whether by playing recreational sports, doing yoga, or, most often, going for a run. More recently, she has hung up her marathon shoes in favor of shorter distances and spending Saturday mornings coaching her children in tee ball and cheering them on in other sports.

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