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Taking Turns

This week's Praise of the Week is "Nice job taking turns!"

How are we going to use it this week? Let me explain.

Backstory- My son got this really cool Thomas the Train set with all the tracks, hills, trees, and trains from Santa. (Sidenote: Why does Santa always get all the credit?) This train set has been the highlight of their year and my daughter loves to play right along with him. Now with every 3 and 4 year old sibling group- there comes conflict with sharing. Santa was smart and bought 2 Thomas trains for the track so they could each have one, but there are still glitches.

That's where this week's labeled praise comes into play. When I do see them taking turns and sharing a train, or moving the trees around, or who gets to use the longest train- I praise. Specifically, "Nice job taking turns." This lets them know they are doing great at taking turns, that I noticed them taking turns and that taking turns is behavior worth repeating.

Examples of when to use "Nice job taking turns."

-Sharing toys or other items.

-When playing a board game, or waiting in line for an activity.

-When seeing who gets to take bath first, or pick the TV show.

Try using this praise this week and see if turn taking increases around your home.

-Katie Smith, LCSW, Certified Global Trainer, mom who gives Santa all the credit

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