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Special Time Memories

PCIT Homework is often referred to as Special Time. It's five minutes a day of uninterrupted, one-on-one time with your child using the PRIDE skills learned in PCIT. It's five minutes of time to practice praising, reflecting, imitating, describing and enjoying your child. It's five minutes each day my children look forward to the most.

While fixing my daughters hair this past Saturday morning, I asked her what she wanted to do together and her reply was "lots and lots of special time with mommy!" So that's exactly what we did! Special time doesn't have to last all day, but spending just five minutes a day with your child, makes them want special time all day long. It makes it her favorite activity to do on a weekend- over trips to grandma's house, going to the store, or even eating at Chic Fil A- and that's saying something! <--- For those of your that don't know the back story behind that: my 4-year-old daughter asked Santa for two things- princess Barbie dolls and Chic Fil A!

Special time makes them feel valued, important, and of course, special! So maybe don't just think of it as homework assigned by your PCIT Therapist, but instead, five minutes of time with your child that you will never get back. Those five minutes add up to a child! Those five minutes add up to a parent with growing little ones!- Katie

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