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Fill The Praise Jar

Have you ever had a morning where you just start off on the wrong foot? Aren't those just the worst? Let me tell you a little story: It was a beautiful Saturday morning. My children had energy levels at full force. We were working on chores around the house so we could get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. Every time I turn around my children were not getting along. Taking the other person's things, hiding things, mean faces, and crabby attitudes. So I had a choice- continually correct them, or praise any small positive thing I saw them complete. You already know which one I picked, don't ya?

I chose to praise over punish, calm down before correct, and turn the day around. I looked for each and every little small positive thing each child was doing and gave a great labeled praise. So instead of pointing out how we shouldn't stick our sister's socks down the couch cushions where she won't find them, I pointed out when items were put back in their correct locations. Pointing out and praise was so much more effective and positive then correcting all the errors.

So I've created a little visual of positive behaviors your could praise to fill the praise jar and increase the likelihood you will see that behavior again.

-Katie Smith, LCSW, Saturday morning praiser

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