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A Praise-Worthy Morning

I get asked pretty frequently how to apply PCIT skills to everyday life. This question comes from teachers, fellow moms, pediatricians, and everyone in between. My first response is to always encourage the parent to use the easiest and most effective PCIT skill- labeled praise. I'll say something like... "Find the positive behaviors and praise them!" Guys, it can really be that simple.

With children going back to school, I know several parents who are dreading the morning routine. So I made this graphic just for them. Here are examples of positive behaviors to praise in the morning to make the routine smoother and the morning more enjoyable. "Thank you for getting out of bed the first time I asked." Or "Great job getting your clothes on by yourself." Or "I love how you brushed your hair, you look so beautiful!" You get the picture.

Try some of these out this week and let me know how it goes!

Katie Smith, LCSW- PCIT Certified Global Trainer & fellow mom

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