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PCIT & Child Welfare

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In this 1-hour PCIT CE Program, Certified PCIT Global Trainers (Dr. Alicia Meyer and Amber Brick, LCSW) provide valuable information about conducting PCIT therapy with families involved in the Child Welfare System. This program describes who could benefit from PCIT, why PCIT should be considered, and when PCIT should be introduced to families involved in the Child Welfare System. Participants will learn ways to keep families engaged in PCIT and solutions to overcome possible treatment barriers. This program also describes the affective, behavioral, cognitive, and neurobiological impact that trauma has on children and discusses the utility of PCIT for use with traumatized children. Presenters introduce a decision tree for determining which trauma informed treatment to implement: PCIT versus Trauma Focused CBT. Finally, this program discusses adaptations and extra considerations when providing PCIT services with families in the Child Welfare System. Learning Objectives: At the end of this program, you should be able to: 1) Identify which groups of children could benefit from PCIT 2) Describe marketing strategies that encourage the use of PCIT in Child Welfare agencies 3) Describe the impact on the Family First Legislation on implementing PCIT 4) Identify at least 2 strategies to engage families in PCIT 5) List at least 4 ways that children in Child Welfare are impacted by trauma

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