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iPCIT Internet-Delivered PCIT

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In this 1-hour PCIT CE Program, Certified PCIT Global Trainers (Drs. Shannon Bennett and Alicia Meyer) discuss the benefits and challenges of adapting the traditional, in-person PCIT model to internet-delivered PCIT services (commonly referred to as iPCIT). Trainers expound upon the supporting research and reasons why a clinician might choose iPCIT over an in-person PCIT option. This program describes common challenges and possible solutions that might arise within the CDI and PDI phases while conducting iPCIT. This presentation provides information about the laws and ethics surrounding telehealth and PCIT and discusses considerations for appropriate technology to assist in the adaptation of PCIT to a telehealth platform. Learning Objectives: At the end of this program, you should be able to: 1) Identify at least two benefits of using iPCIT over the in-person PCIT model 2) Explain possible legal and ethical pitfalls of using iPCIT 3) Describe as least 2 common challenges during the CDI phase specific to iPCIT 4) Describe as least 2 common challenges during the PDI phase specific to iPCIT 5) Identify how to collect assessment data when conducting iPCIT

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