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PCIT & Autism Spectrum Disorder

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In this 1-hour PCIT CE Program, Certified PCIT Global Trainers (Drs. Shannon Bennett and Amber Farrington) provide an overview of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnostic criteria, and key considerations when deciding if PCIT is appropriate for a child with ASD and their family. The program will also provide an overview of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), and how it overlaps with and differs from PCIT. Participants will also learn specific strategies that can be used during the CDI and PDI phases of treatment to not only manage behavior, but also address some symptoms of ASD. Lastly, this program will review other special considerations related to PCIT sessions (e.g. toy selection, generalization of skills) that may be specific to families of children with ASD. Learning Objectives: At the end of this program, you should be able to: 1) Describe at least 2 ways that PCIT overlaps with other research-supported ASD interventions. 2) Understand at least three circumstances under which it would be appropriate for a provider to use PCIT with the family of a child with ASD 3) Describe at least one circumstance under which PCIT may not be useful for a family of a child with ASD 4) Describe at least three ways to coach caregivers to use CDI skills to target symptoms related to ASD 5) Describe at least one way that DPICS coding is similar when working with families of children with ASD as compared to working with families of children without ASD

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